How did we let it come to this? Sitting on thrones of aging treasure, weaving tales of journeys past and beasts slain.

A storm is brewing and it intends to swallow us whole. Can you feel it in the wind?

This world needs us once more. Will you join and fight for it? Or will you watch from afar, singing past travails and flipping for coin?

From the deepest depths,
To the highest peaks,
Forgotten friends and spoils reaped,

A Quest for Adventurers

This is a concept for decentralized game of grand cooperation, puzzle solving, and difficult decisions.

It is currently on hold, as most ideas have been carried over and implemented in Corruptions, an experiment in non-linear cooperative storytelling and world building combined with tabletop mechanics and emerging technology.

Learnings will be considered and revisited at the conclusion of the project.